PhillyGayLawyer on America Weekend with Paul Harris

Listen to PhillyGayLawyer on America Weekend with Paul Harris discussing same-sex marriage in Utah and Oklahoma, Gay Divorce, and Russia’s stance on homosexuality as we head into the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN: PhillyGayLawyer on America Weekend 01/19/14

PhillyGayLawyer in Legal Intelligencer: Reflecting on Victories and Losses for LGBT Rights in 2013

Will 2014 be the year when opponents of progress will finally stand alone on the wrong side of history? The forecast looks cloudy, at best. But as I look back at 2013—the battles we’ve won and the battles we’ve lost—I see tremendous potential for advances in LGBT equality in the New Year.

It is always difficult to quantify progress in struggles for increased basic human rights. Looking at 2013 cumulatively, though, there is no doubt that the United States is picking up momentum and moving toward LGBT equality faster than ever.